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Meet the friendly staff at Redwood Animal Hospital!



Dr. Grey

Our little mischievous Dr. Grey joined Redwood Animal Hospital in May 2015 when he was only 4 weeks old. He comes from the Oakland SPCA. He loves walking or rather running throughout the hospital. His favorite activities include sleeping in the doctors' office or jumping into boxes and tearing paper. He gets along with dogs, cats and birds and most of the time people :) He really thinks he owns the place.



Angelica graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Carrington College. She has two sons in high school and two little Chihuahua: Daisy and Molly. She has been at RAH since 2014 and enjoys helping all furry patients. Angelica knows the hospital routine and most of our clients/patient like the back of her hand. She is our practice manager.


Evelia joined Redwood Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician in April, 2018. She enjoys working with all kinds of animals, striving to make a positive difference in the lives and well being of not only animals but also their owners. She speaks both Spanish and Cat languages:).


Kayla joined RAH in September 2018 and has been in the field for 3 years. She hopes to pursue her dreams and become a veterinarian in the future. In her free time Kayla likes to take her 4 year old German Shepherd, Cyrus, for long walks and enjoys drinking "Boba" or Peet's coffee.  


Charmaine joined Redwood Animal hospital in 2018. She has been in the veterinary field for 5 years and attended Carrington college for the Veterinary Technology program. Charmaine has 4 dogs, 2 Chihuahuas, a Poodle, and a Bully/Pitbull cross. In her free time she likes to rest at home, go shopping and take her dogs for long and happy walks. 


Amber joined Redwood animal hospital in April 2018. She originally went to school for medical assisting but her unconditional love for animals led her to obtaining a job in a veterinary hospital. She has been a receptionist/assistant at veterinary hospitals and clinics for 11 years. Amber has two dogs, a Doberman and a Pitbull mix. She also has two cats. In her free time, she likes to travel with her son, mostly to the beach and enjoy the fresh aroma of a hot Peet's coffee.



Alysabeth is our client service representative. She has been a part of our team since September, 2018. Her love for animals and devotion to welcoming and helping ‘pet parents’ make her satisfied at her job. She has two fish, a 10 year old goldfish named Nanashi and a year old male betta named Ditto. Alysabeth has had many pets growing up and will soon be getting a puppy. In her spare time, she likes to read and play video games.

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